Yesukosam Visakha Agency

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 "How good and pleasant it is when brothers live together in Unity"- Psalm133:1    Paderu is a hill station located in the Eastern Ghats about 120 km from Visakhapatnam, A P, India. It is head quarter for 11 mandals  better known as VISAKHA AGENCY.The native tribes  in these hills are mostly ignorant of our savour JESUS CHRIST.Gospel has not reached many villages.Added to the economical backwardness there is idol worship, witchcraft, adultry, drinking, gambling etc., are the main problems .About 7,00,000 lakh people are living in utmost misarable condition leading their lives towards Hell .    With a Vision of winning souls a group of youth started an organisation called United Christian Youth Association (UCYA)  on June 3rd 1996.   Objectives  1)To win souls in Visakha Agency(Yesukosam Visakha Agency)2) To bring Unity among the passionate youth.  3)To support the work of local servants of God By Gods  grace  many public meeting were conducted, many village camps and other charity works have been takenup. In the year 2005 agency eleven mandals were covered with whole night Prayers taking each month a mandal.In these 15 years five team members are dedicated to the full time ministry. Bro.Elisha R Bonthu with other team members produced two telugu music albums from which many songs are popular today .God gave a new burden of Church Planting in the year 2007. Ramanabanda a remote village where there is no electricity,no communication, with  strangers to Gospel was selected. With team fund  a church was built and dedicated on 13 th December 2009. Pastor Devaraju a young team member was ordinated to that church.In this year a new vision was given to the team regarding prayer. A series of Visakha Agency united Prayers are launced on 30th June 2010.

  Please pray for UCYA and for its activities